Flash Forever CAPEX & OPEX

Pure Storage encourages you to look at the annual capital and operational expenditure costs over a 6 year period. Pure argues that by doing this you can see more clearly the cost savings that Pure Storage provides you with when taking into account maintenance cost increases and forced upgrades. 

Flash Forever from Pure Storage gives your organisation the ability to say 'No' to the pain and costs of forced migrations, lost weekends, data corruption risk and planned downtime.

As all of the Pure Storage components are replacable you have the ability to create an environment where your storage becomes faster and more capable with age.

  • You never have to purchase software as you expand.
  • You never have to forklift upgrade or migrate your data.
  • You never have to repurchase your existing capacity.
  • No more forced upgrades and no more large maintenance costs.

Your FlashArray will have a much longer lifespan than disk - it arguably never ends. This means you can extend the depreciation expense of your FlashArray over a longer period than disk solutions. Great news for your Chief Financial Officer.

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Get 5-10x Data Reduction with Pure Storage

Flat and Fair

Maintenance and support pricing with Pure Storage is kept predictably flat (or better) over the long term. Maintenance and support pricing will never exceed your original contract and renewals use then-current prices per SKU, which is often lower year over year. Pure Storage will also consolidate all of your contracts for add-on shelves and upgrades into one single contract at any renweal with fair then-current prices.

Pure Storage Forever Flash How It Works

Pure Storage Some Vendors


Free Every Three

Each time you decide to purchase a 3-year Pure Storage maintenance and support contract you will receive brand new controller upgrades for free. this means that you're able to keep your FlashArray current on every dimension: performance, scale, and features.

Pure Storage Renewals


Forever Maintenance

Forever Maintance from Pure Storage replaces your hardware and software as-needed with no restrictions on flash age or usage patterns. You'll also receive replacements for problematic parts even before failure occurs with Pure's CloudAssist feature.


Upgradable Controllers

Pure Storage Upgradable Controllers

The FlashArray contains stateless, independent controllers with x86 CPUs. Pure Storage has the ability to ship faster controllers annually which lets you upgrade the perfromance of your existing array year after year.


Expandable Storage

Pure Storage Expandable Storage

The FlashArray is built for a changing flash industry. As flash storage changes and becomes more denser the FlashArray allows you to expand when you want to and benefit from further cost improvements.


Always Non-Disruptive

Pure Storage Non Disruptive

Every FlashArray upgrade is non-disruptive. You can upgrade controllers, add capacity and update software all without downtime, performance loss or planned outages.