Data Storage and Management

Cristie partners with the best software and hardware vendors in the business. Our extensive experience means we can identify and assess products as they come onto the market, and select the leading technologies for integration onto existing or upgraded storage solutions.

We constantly review new products to provide our customers with the best price performance solutions available. And because our solutions are designed to be vendor-independent, you can be sure you are getting the optimal data management solution for your organisation.

Cristie have broad experience in delivering storage and data management solutions across all the leading technology types including:


  • NFS & CIFS Based Network Solutions (NAS)
  • Tape and Tape automation solutions
  • SSD, SAS, SATA and Hybrid disk technologies
  • Archive Content Addressed Storage Platforms


Not only can we sucessfully deliver these technologies, but we have solutions that are scaleable and felxible ensuring that there is no under utilised or wasted disk resource or disk pools. Our solution set is also flexible enough to deliver value from the small to medium enterprise through to some of the largest enterprise organisations throughout Europe.

As a technically focused company, we continuously review the storage industry, selecting the best of breed partners on technology (rather than just market position alone). To that end we are able to offer a wide range of technologies from disk (SSD, SAS & SATA) through to innovative functionality such as Quality of Service and storage tiering.


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