Pure Storage

Pure Storage all-flash arrays are an enterprise storage solution built from the ground up that takes full advantage of flash memory to provide consistent performance to your applications.

Pure Storage uses its Purity software and industry-disruptive Flash Forever program to bring the cost of its all-flash arrays below the cost of disk-based storage.

There are four factors that all Pure Storage is built to:

  • Availability
  • Simplicity
  • Affordability
  • Performance

Many storage providers can't give you all four of these factors but Pure Storage can. The most important factor for Pure is availability; by using all-flash storage, instead of older spinning disk technology, as well as its own integrated software, Pure Storage ensures that the lights stay on when controllers, disks or dual disks fail.

Deploy your storage once and upgrade as needed. You never have to migrate data meaning there's no planned downtime. All software is also included and with everything upgradable your new Pure Storage system can last more than a decade.



Cristie Data has been certified by Pure Storage as a UK Silver Partner.

Pure Storage Performance

Based on real-world 32K IOPS:

Pure Storage benchmarks its performance on real-world environment numbers which are dominated by IO sizes of 32K or more. Pure Storage has optimised the FlashArray for the real-world. FlashArray adapts automatically to 512B-32KB IO for superior performance, scalability, and data reduction.

//m20 - Small and Mighty:

Pure Storage M20 Array

Up to 150,000 32K IOPS
<1ms average latency
5 GB/s bandwidth


//m50 - Data Centre Workhorse:

Pure Storage M50 Array

Up to 220,000 32K IOPS
<1ms average latency
7 GB/s bandwidth


//m70 - Consolidation King:

Pure Storage M70 Array

Up to 300,000 32K IOPS
<1ms average latency
9 GB/s bandwidth




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The Purity Operating Environment:

Purity is a storage operating environment built from the ground-up for flash. Purity is provided at no additional cost with every FlashArray, and runs consistently across the entire FlashArray hardware family. 

Additional Pure Storage Perks:

  • The cost of support never, ever, goes up unless you buy a bigger array.
  • All storage can be managed locally from a web browser and monitored via the cloud.
  • Your storage array will 'call home' to Pure Storage every 30 seconds and you will be alerted to any problems that arise.
  • If an SSD fails you'll have a new one automatically sent out for free.
  • Free software updates means that your storage can adapt to new technologies.
  • Critical data is never stored on the controllers meaning you can feel confident knowing no data will be lost if a controller were to fail.
  • It takes just 10 minutes to rebuild a drive.
  • If you buy additional shelves Pure Storage will provide you with bigger controllers for free.
  • No licenses. All Pure Storage Purity software features are available on every compatible array.

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Pure Storage 5 Degrees Of Upgrade Freedom

Tired of Forklift Upgrades and Maintenance Extortion?

If you're looking for a dramatic reduction in the cost of ownership then take a look at Forever Flash by using the button below.

Pure Storage Forever Flash CAPEX and OPEX

Data Reduction = Cost-Effective Flash Arrays:

Purity FlashReduce employs five forms of high performance and inline data reduction techniques to reduce the data footprint by 5-10X, driving down storage costs.

Get 5-10x Data Reduction with Pure Storage


Pure Storage Demo:

Take a look at what Pure Storage can offer your UK business by watching this recent demo.

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Time to... Say Goodbye...

When you upgrade to a Pure Storage all-flash array you can say goodbye to entire diciplines of legacy array management.

  • Goodbye RAID Management
  • Goodbye Performance Tuning
  • Goodbye Tiering and Caching
  • Goodbye Host / Array Block Alignment
  • Goodbye Over-Provisioning
  • Goodbye Virtualisation Management

VMware? Great!

Get 100% of the flash performance with 0% of the SAN pain. 

You can fully-manage your Pure Storage within the vSphere Web Client as well as benefit from 100% automated datastore creation.


Beautiful, Feature-Rich, Web GUI:

You can manage your storage from Pure Storage's easy-to-use web GUI. You'll love it.

Enjoy Not Managing Your Pure Storage

Firmware Upgrades in the Day? No-more Backup Windows?

Did you know that with Pure Storage firmware, upgrades can take place during the working day because the write cache is all on stable storage? And, with read and writes never hitting each other backup windows become a thing of the past.


Pure Storage has completed re-designed RAID for flash. Its RAID-3D technology protects against the 3 flash failure modes:

  • Device failure
  • Bit errors
  • Performance variability

Pure Storage Forever Flash