About ExaGrid

When ExaGrid entered the disk backup with de-duplication market in 2006, they knew that backup and restore was becoming a big problem. After all, backup storage is big – 50 to 100 times bigger than primary storage. But before fixing it, they asked hundreds of backup professionals to describe the problems they faced on a daily basis – and the solution they wanted so they could have total trust in their data protection process. They said:

  • Give us a consistent backup window that doesn’t grow as data grows
  • Give us the shortest possible backup window
  • Make it easy and quick to restore or recover data
  • Please fix it once and fix it forever

Exagrid realised that disk-based backup with de-duplication only solved part of the problem and decided not to copy the #1 vendor in the sector – unlike so many others – because it was obvious that their scale-up architecture provided just a temporary fix and had fundamental and costly flaws.

Since then, ExaGrid has revolutionised how organisations back up and protect their data. These cost-effective disk-based backup systems help IT organisations solve two of the most pressing issues they face today: how to protect and manage an ever-increasing amount of data, and how to do so at less cost.


Exagrid's patented zone-level deduplication reduces the disk space needed by a range of 10:1 to 50:1 by storing only the unique bytes across backups instead of redundant data. Post-process deduplication delivers the fastest backups, and as data grows, only ExaGrid avoids expanding backup windows by adding full servers in a GRID. ExaGrid's unique landing zone keeps a full copy of the most recent backup on disk, delivering the fastest restores, instant VM recovery, "Instant DR," and fast tape copy. And, as data grows, ExaGrid saves 50% in total system costs compared to competitive solutions by avoiding costly "forklift" upgrades.

Multiple appliances allow full backups of 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 5TB, 7TB, 10TB, 13TB, or 21TB with corresponding raw capacity of 5TB, 7TB, 9TB, 11TB, 13TB, 16TB, 26TB, 32TB, and 48TB, respectively. Any size appliance can be mixed and matched in multiple different configurations with up to ten servers combined into a single GRID of up to 480TB raw capacity, allowing full backups of up to 210TB.

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The Product

Right from the outset, ExaGrid decided that if it was going to solve the backup challenge forever, it would need to make a number of vital commitments to its customers:

  • No backup window growth regardless of data growth – ExaGrid’s scale-out architecture handles data growth very differently than scale-up competitors. Exagrid don’t treat their appliances as standalone devices and instead connect them in a grid to get all the scaling benefits that a grid provides. As a result, as data grows and capacity is added, processing power is also added which fixes the backup window forever.
  • The shortest backup window -- Because each appliance includes additional elements of performance, as data grows and capacity is added, processing power is also added. Put simply, when workloads are increased, the processing power of the architecture is also increased. This means Exagrid can deliver the shortest backup window and that it won’t grow as data grows.
  • Fastest restores, tape copies, and recovery from a disaster -- ExaGrid’s unique landing zone enables the retention of a full copy (i.e. non de-duplicated) of the most recent backup and then carry out the deduplication post processing. This minimises the amount of data that moves in the backup process and enables a very rapid restore because - unlike competitors - data does not need to be rehydrated.
  • VM instant recoveries in minutes -- ExaGrid’s unique landing zone means that with ExaGrid and Veeam, you can have the benefits of both instant restore and de-duplication with no tradeoff. ExaGrid’s high-speed landing zone maintains a full copy of the latest Veeam backups in their original, non de-duplicated formats. This allows users to instantly recover and run a VM from the ExaGrid system if the primary VM is unavailable, enabling them to meet their recovery time objective (RTO).
  • Lowest cost solution up front and over time with no forklift upgrades or obsolescence, and our price guarantee -- ExaGrid employs a scale-out architecture which adds computing power with capacity. As a result, you can match your appliance to your current needs – thus keeping costs low. With Exagrid, there are no forklift upgrades and no obsolescence as existing appliances will always work with the new models.