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Services overview

The business benefits of virtualisation and cloud computing are apparent but for many companies the main obstacle is perceived issues in the data centre. Stolen, lost or corrupted data can mean a loss of customers, high recovery costs and a damaged reputation. For many organisations working with a skilled and experienced data management partner is the best way to provide a high level of trusted data security and protection.  

Cristie Data Ltd working with Dudley NHS IT Services have created Cloud service solutions that provide flexibility of choice and tailored solutions to suit your needs.

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Benifits include: 

Uncompromising security

Our Data Centre uses the most advanced security technology, as well as 24/7 on-site security. Our information security management processes are designed to provided the highest levels of confidence for our customers.

Highly resilient

Our highly resilient infrastructure and monitoring equipment means we can guarantee 100% core infrastructure uptime. Two sources of power back-up, fire and flood detection, fire suppression and redundant cooling, means all equipment and data is fully protected.

Highest levels of customer service

Our Quality of Service guarantees and exceptional customer service mean that you will never have to worry about the security, availability or connectivity of your data. Our aim is to give you total peace of mind.

Reducing environmental cost

All of this is provided in a green and efficient state-of-the-art Data Centre that will help you minimise your energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint to meet environmental objectives.

Cloud DR

Cloud disaster recovery (cloud DR) is rapidly becoming a key component of a many of our customers disaster recovery plans.

There are a number of benefits that make cloud DR appealing, mostly related to cost savings. The storage model is affordable and the need for other resources, such as IT infrastructure and data center space is much reduced. Taken in combination, those savings mean that smaller enterprises can implement disaster recovery plans that would have been impossible otherwise.

Archiving as a Service

The aim of our cloud archive service is to provide a data storage environment as a service that is optimised for long-term data retention, security and compliance with data regulation policies.

The advantages of cloud archiving become clear when you look at the cost of implementation and maintenance of private mass archival storage, especially for organisations with large data retention obligations. Ownership of private archive infrastructure is a costly and management-intensive exercise. Due to the inherently long-term nature of archive storage, multiple hardware refreshes will be required throughout the lifecycle of the data, support contracts must be maintained, and staff turnover taken into consideration. With our cloud archiving services, by contrast, there are many choices available with regard to how and where archives are hosted and how users can access their archived data.


Backup as a Service

Our Cloud based backup service utilises the latest block-level compression and de-duplication technologies, which means backups are not only more efficient, but reduces storage costs by up to 20 times compared to traditional backups. After your first backup with Cloud Backup, additional backups are incremental, further reducing the required storage and associated costs. If security is paramount for your business, then enterprise-grade encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard, 256 bit key) is available.

Whether your requirement is for a full Cloud based service or hybrid approach that includes an on-premise component Cristie and Dudley IT Services can help.