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About C2C

C2C Systems has recently been acquired by Barracuda Networks. At present its business as usual for C2C customers as C2C products are gradually integrated into the Barracuda product portfolio.

A UK based niche software vendor, thier aim is to improve the management of email within organisations. C2C provide advanced solutions for email and file data management as well as edisclosure and ediscovery.


What is the C2C story?

C2C recognised that email management is paramount to a company, and that IT managers have had poor tools to help them manage email systems from simple administration through to the recovery of data. They believe that the user should come first as their business life revolves around information provided to them in the email system. Time spent paying attention to detail of email management is unnecessary and not productive to a company.

From the early 1990s C2C has argued against mailbox quotas in many public forums (from electronic mail associations to Microsoft and IBM conferences). C2C understand the needs of IT managers in providing a cost effective and efficient email system, whilst living within the constraints of complex government laws and regulations. C2C believe that IT and other corporate management should have tools that are capable of managing the data without interfering with the daily routines of the employee.

Email is the primary productivity tool of nearly every organisation and the volume of email data continues to increase year on year.

The potential ramifications of this growth are many, including:

  • Decreased Exchange performance due to the size of its message store
  • Prolonged Exchange backup and restore processes
  • Additional costs to upgrade Exchange and/or acquire additional storage
  • Increased legal risks because email data is non-compliant
  • Extended eDiscovery processes – more data stored means more data to search

The good news is that these problems can be mitigated with a solid email management strategy and proper solution set. C2C has more than 20 years’ experience solving email management problems for its customers and continues to have great success in this space with a strong focus on “real-world” email archiving – find email data, regardless of its location, archive only what is required, per policy, and retain it for as long as needed.


Archiveone Enterprise

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PST Management

Why be concenrned about PST files? Collectively, they store thousands, possibly millions of messages and consume terabytes of storage. They complicate backup and recovery processes. They are difficult to discover, more difficult to search and they typically do not comply with government or corporate information management policies, frustrating both Corporate IT and Legal Representatives. PST data is hard to migrate and ingest into the Exchange Information Store, or archive to a third party solution. Ultimately, PST files are dark, hidden threats, consuming valuable resources, complicating eDisclosure and increasing organisations’ legal risk.

The C2C PST Management solutions enable organisations to control of their distributed corporate email and mitigate the risks associated with unmanaged PST data. With C2C’s solutions, you may…

  • Reduce costs associated with supporting and storing many thousands of end user created PST files that consume terabytes of storage.
  • Manage PST data to comply with government and corporate information management policies.
  • Minimize the risks and limit corporate liability associated with dark data in the form of undiscovered PST data.

C2C’s ArchiveOne Enterprise and PST Enterprise products provide robust PST management & elimination capabilities. ArchiveOne is a comprehensive email management platform and is appropriate for those who want a ‘cover all’ solution for all their corporate email. PST Enterprise is a stand-alone application for those who simply want to securely capture and ingest PST data and eliminate PST files. Click here to learn more.