About Arkivum

Arkivum is an established provider of data archiving solutions, including the industry leading A-Stor data archiving service, which provides a fully-managed and secure service for long-term data retention with online access and a guarantee of data integrity that’s part of our Service Level Agreement and backed by worldwide insurance.

Their links with University of Southampton IT Innovation Centre means that they have direct access to state-of-the-art research in digital preservation that helps meet thier commitments to customers. This is complemented by a team at Arkivum that brings strong software skills together with in-depth experience in data centre operations and robust and reliable storage system implementation.

How It Works

Arkivum’s storage is based on the principle that 3 copies are needed for absolute certainty that data is safe. So using active integrity checking at all times, every one of your files is copied three times, with 2 copies held online in geographically separated data centres and the third held offline locked away in an escrow service.

Reading and writing data is easy - a gateway appliance sits on you network and delivers your archive as a simple file system - files are simply copied to and from the file system. Behind the scenes Arkivum’s systems take care of all the replication and integrity checking. It’s like infinitely expandable, 100% guaranteed network storage.

Naturally, your data is kept secure using industry-standard 256bit AES encryption, to which only you have the keys.

Available as public or private cloud.


For IT and Data Managers needing to meet research data management funding and sharing objectives, Arkivum/100 delivers a 100% guaranteed and long-term digital data archiving service that is cost effective and centrally managed while integrating into existing data management and storage front-end systems.

Arkivum/100 is a large scale, cloud-based and long term digital data archiving service. It is based on the principle that at least three copies of your data are needed for 100% certainty that data is safe. This is the basis of our 100% data integrity guarantee.

For IT and Data Managers requiring a long-term digital data archiving and storage service to replace or supplement expensive spinning disk solutions, Arkivum/1+1 delivers an assured long-term, and centrally managed storage solution that is straightforward to deploy and manage while being cost effective and available via the Janet framework.

Arkivum/1+1 is a cost-effective, cloud-based and long-term digital data storage and archiving service. With Arkivum/1+1 you get long-term data security, regular integrity checking, all the benefits of a cloud-based archiving service… In a secure, straightforward and easy to deploy package.


Arkivum/OnSite provides complete flexibility of archive storage provisioning. It is installed with either Arkivum/100™ or Arkivum/1+1™, or a combination of the two. This enables you to provide different archive storage capabilities for data that has a wide range of retention periods, and long-term data integrity and assurance requirements. For example, a project that has clinical data may have different archive requirements than a project with only research data.

Not all organisations can make the transition to using offsite cloud services due to confidentiality and regulatory issues. For those needing to keep long-term digital data archiving within the boundaries of their organisation, Arkivum provides the Arkivum/OnSite solution.


Arkivum announces first certified data archiving connection to the N3 network. Click here to learn more.


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