arcserve’s UDP Update 2 has arrived! We were promised a ton of new and exciting features and that’s just what arcserve has delivered. There have been enhancements across several key areas of the product, as well as a new Free Edition of UDP Workstation.

Key areas of arcserve’s Update 2 include:

Enhanced support for Microsoft-Based Applications and Granular Restore:

Now there’s even more support for the latest Microsoft-based applications including Exchange 2013, 2010 and 2007, SQL 2014 AAG, Active Directory, Oracle for Windows, Pervasive PSQL v11 and MSCS Clusters.

Enhanced Support for Virtual Infrastructure Support:

Protecting your dynamic Hyper-V and VMware environments has never been so fast or easy.

Simplified Upgrade Path with Huge Storage Capacity Savings:

Upgrading from D2D to UDP is now much simpler. UDP’s global deduplication feature will also mean that you can expect large gains in storage capacity savings.

Improved Recovery Point Server Management:

Update 2 will allow you to start small and scale up when you need to. Sizing and managing UDP Recovery Point Servers has become a lot easier.

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