Nimble Storage Cloud Connected Storage:

Nimble Storage have today announced their Cloud Connected Storage, through an alliance with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Equinix data centres - click here to visit their blog - this is an exciting move forward by Nimble and shows their acceptance of the growing adoption of Cloud services, particularly in the Americas.

Nimble Storage Cloud Benefits:

Nimble's Senior Manager for Strategy & Market Development cites the following as key benefits of connecting Nimble Storage into the cloud:


  • Cost-effective DR – Every company needs a disaster recovery (DR) solution; Nimble’s Cloud-Connected Storage is an exceptionally cost-effective way to accomplish this.
  • Data Sovereignty and Ownership – Cloud-Connected Storage provides a physical array that’s under the enterprise’s control. They maintain full sovereignty and ownership of their data to address any compliance or governance requirements.
  • Efficiency of Moving Data – Instead of sending large amounts of data over the Internet, enterprises can send a pre-seeded array and connect it to the cloud so their data is ready to be used instantly. Any new data or changes can leverage Nimble’s efficient data replication, which only sends compressed and changed data. If the data needs to come back on-site, the arrays can be easily relocated.
  • Data Durability and Reliability – Nimble arrays have proven uptime, in the field, of over 99.999%. Snapshots are provided free of charge. And with triple-parity RAID protection, data durability is improved by over a factor of 1,000 compared to typical RAID6 protection.


Cristie's Nimble Cloud Services?

Cloud Connected Storage is something Cristie have been working on in the background for a while now.  We appreciate the above benefits and, for the right customer, the placement of storage into a hosted data centre can be very attractive and cost-effective.

As one of Nimble's few Gold Partners in the UK, we wanted to lead the pack in bringing our customers the ability to place their own Nimble arrays into our Tier BIL3+ hosted data centre facility, or to purchase replication space hosted on a Cristie-owned Nimble CS Array.


Cristie Cloud Benefits:

This service is now live and being marketed to our customers, allowing us to compile our own list of key benefits, adding to the above:


  • Data Locality - guaranteed locality of data storage, never leaving the UK
  • Data Security - Hosted within one of the most efficient and secure data centre facilities in the UK
  • Connectivity - Excellent connectivity into and out of the data centre, N3, Janet connections available
  • DR Provision - the ability to spin up standby virtual machines in the event of a disaster; additional provision for application replication & failover if required for key applications
  • Return of Data & Data Seeding - service offering to provide fast seeding of data from local site to data centre, along with a service offering for physical return of data from the data centre in event of large data loss at the main site


Cristie Cloud Logo


There are many other benefits of using Cristie for Cloud DR, but perhaps most important is our ability to listen to specific requirements and tailor our service to meet individual demands, something the larger, global organisations just can't compete with.

It's great to be launching this service to our valued customers in the UK and to hear all the positive feedback.  Drop us a message or get in touch with your Account Manager if you have any questions or would like to see some pricing.

Finally, to echo what Doug says in his blog, Data is the most important business asset and it's our priority to use our experience and enterprise solutions to help you protect that asset.

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