Free Hybrid IT Infrastructure Assessment with HPE and CloudPhysics

Bring to light infrastructure efficiencies and cost saving opportunities for your business.

Your Hybrid IT Assessment is totally vendor agnostic and can be conducted on a one-time basis, fully funded by HPE for a limited time only.

Give Your Infrastructure a Checkup

HPE have come together with CloudPhysics to offer a vendor agnostic virtualised based assessment to help you gain an understanding of your environment.

This assessment aims to provide you with:

  • Insights into your on-premises and cloud infrastructure costs
  • Optimisation opportunities throughout your data centre infrastructure
  • An examination of all datastores, indentifying and eliminating risks of capacity-induced disruption
  • Opportunities to right-size VMs so they can fit their resource needs


Register For Your Free Hybrid IT Infrastructure Assessment

    Gain Insights Customised To Your Environment

    The HPE Hybrid IT Assessment with CloudPhysics delivers a detailed report customised to your environment, including recommendations for specific actions for improving resource efficiency and cost savings. You will see an itemisation of obsolete infrastructure and required updates, ensuring alignment with VMware’s Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) and best practices.

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