We develop successful relationships with our customer's and recommend the 'best fit' solution for their specific business requirements. But don't just take our word for it - see what our customers have to say about us at Cristie Data.


 Service & Support
  “The solution Cristie recommended, gives us more scalability and is also far more cost-effective.” - North Devon Council.
    “Another good reason for choosing Cristie is the cost-effectiveness of their licensing and support model. This solves the GLA’s future budgeting problems by giving us certainty about costs at a time when new responsibilities are adding terabytes of extra data.” - Greater London Authority.
    "More than anything I liked Cristie Data. I found them to be easy going and not pushy, and I thought to myself ‘these are people I could really work with’. When you’re making an investment that will last 3-5 years you have to be confident in that relationship, and Cristie had built that trust." - Alliance Homes.   
    "Cristie were a critical partner in this project. From the outset they were very responsive, and their comprehensive product knowledge steered us in making the best decision for our company." - South Gloucestershire Council.   
    “We liked Cristie from the start and I felt we could trust them to recommend the best solutions for our requirements - and they most definitely have.” - Archway School.
 Data Storage & Management    
  “We’ve managed to improve utilisation of existing IT assets and how have a much improved IT service, with greater flexibility which is a key requirement for any public sector organisation." - Exmoor National Park. 
    “The modular approach enables us to make simple adjustments to fit our exact performance and capacity needs at anytime, and it allows us to increase CPU, cache, space, and connectivity very simply.” - University of Bristol. 
    “Having something that can provide for our immediate capacity and performance requirements was excellent, but I wanted to keep an eye on what we will be expecting from our storage in the future. The solution has plenty in reserve, and is independently scalable for performance and capacity, so the design is future proof.” - South Gloucestershire & Stroud College.

“There used to be a regular stream of certain types of performance complaints. However these have now all gone, leaving us more time to focus on
more proactive tasks and projects.” - Alliance Homes. 

    “Since we’ve had the Nimble SAN everything is great, we’ve had no issues. We can check on the stats and go onto InfoSight and it just works. We would get alerted if we had any problems, but we haven’t had any problems! It’s brilliant.” - Tewkesbury Borough Council.
    “With Nimble we also got InfoSight. It gives us an in-depth analysis of what performance is like and what the storage capacity is like, as well as predictive analysis of what our data usage is going to be in X amount of weeks - we’ve never had anything like that before and it’s fantastic.” - Archway School.

“The Nimble is fantastic. It’s significantly better than [what we had before], easily at least 3 times faster, easily. These projects are never simple, but it wasn’t made any more difficult - in fact it was made slightly easier - by having Cristie Data and Nimble. We weren’t looking for a direct one-to-one replacement, we were looking for a solution that was going to be cheaper, better and faster - it was a big ask. These things are never easy to do, but having a solution that seamlessly fits together, has worked really well. It doesn’t belittle the fact that it was a very complicated project, moving from one storage solution to another, but there was nothing along the way that Nimble made more complicated. In fact, if anything they’ve made it much easier and we’ve managed to achieve all of the things we wanted to when we scoped out this project.” - Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity

  “Virtualising our environment has enabled us to do more with less, we now have just two physical servers!” - Dartmoor National Park Authority.
    “We are delighted that we can manage the entire estate with one interface that I was able to pick up and use without training.” - University of Bristol.
 Backup, Replication & Archive    
  “We now have confidence that we can recover from any environment and we can respond more quickly to recovery requests. This ensures that critical council services, including the website, are not impacted by IT incidents.” - North Devon Council. 
    “We have complete confidence that all our crucial data is safe and protected, and we can prove this to the management committee and regulatory bodies.” - Anuerin Bevan University Health Board.
    “We now keep multiple daily, weekly and monthly backups on disk, due to effective deduplication technology. This reduces the amount of disk space required to about a third of what we were using before.” - Wycliffe College. 
    “We can now easily predict what we will need and how our systems will respond to various scenarios. I can pull up a performance report during meetings with our Execs and say ‘for this replication job, this is the bandwidth we are now using, and this is what we will need in the future.’ Having that information at our fingertips is an absolute dream for us.” - Brightsource.
    "Snapshots and cloning have made a significant improvement to the Councils RPO and RTO requirements. Efficient and easy to configure replication has enabled the Council to use QOS to limit the impact on the network during business hours, therefore maximising the use of available bandwidth." - South Gloucestershire Council.
    “I love Arcserve, it’s really reliable. We get a report every evening telling us what’s backed up and if anything has failed. In the last couple of years, I’ve only had to contact support 3 or 4 times and each time it’s been really good support. We now have an autoloader and can backup 3.4TB in the space of 24 hours. And we can retrieve virtual machines, or data within those virtual machines, going back 12 months rather than the 2 weeks we were keeping previously. It’s a significant improvement to what we had before." - Archway School.

“With Arcserve UDP we’ve managed to get the backup size down to a really good level for us. We can archive off our data a lot easier and we can now backup much more data than we could previously. We had to go back to tape once before to retrieve data, and it took forever. Now, everything is much quicker with UDP. We’ve recently moved data from our standalone HyperV’s into a cluster and that plugs directly into UDP, so we’re backing up even more data, including all of our HyperV’s. It’s excellent, we’ve never been able to backup this much data. Arcserve UDP is so fast and so reliable.” - Solihull School. 

 Service & Support    
  “We’ve had one of the best working relationships with Cristie, there’s no doubt about that. They went over and above what was contracted and became part of the GLA team. As a result our engineers were motivated to learn more about the product and got to know it really well.” - Greater London Authority.
    “The deployment took a few hours, as did learning the management tools.” - University of Bristol.

“You only realise how bad your support was when you start to experience really good support.” - Brightsource.

    "“The support of the team was second to none, it was really, really great support. They talked me through every step and then configured it remotely. It was good to experience that they can provide that level of support, and I got to see just how responsive they can be." - Alliance Homes.
    “Cristie Data’s Storage Consultant who carried out the work [implementation], was flawless. He turned up and was very knowledgeable about the product. The implementation had been carried out to an excellent standard, and it just worked. Everything went through without a hitch." - Tewkesbury Borough Council.

“Any problems we’ve had, we’ve contacted Cristie and they’ve been really knowledgeable and really helped us out. Cristie give us a timeframe and if they are unsure of anything themselves, they’ve put us directly in contact with Arcserve who have been very responsive. And if we need any new components or anything else delivered, it always arrives the next day - I can’t fault that.” - Solihull School.

    "When Cristie ordered the unit it arrived 24hrs later, which was brilliant. And Cristie know exactly where to go for support and how to help point us in the right direction when we need it, having direct access to Nimble support staff was also a great help." - Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity.