How Data Deduplication Impacts Recovery

Data deduplication has clear benefits when it comes to efficiently retaining backup data on disk and replicating data offsite for disaster recovery – you save both disk space and bandwidth by employing deduplication – however, how you implement data deduplication greatly impacts backup performance as well as restore, tape copy and instant recovery performance.

Analyst firm Storage Switzerland explores this question and compares your options in their latest analyst report, “How Data Deduplication Impacts Recovery”.

Read their findings and learn how the wrong deduplication implementation choice can impact your ability to rapidly recover critical data, enable instant recovery of virtual machines, and more.

Know the key choices you should make in order to meet your business objectives today and avoid future issues as your data expands.

Working with Exagrid, one of our key technology partners, Cristie believes it can help you get the best out of data de-duplication systems. Follow this link to download our free white paper:


How Data Deduplication Impacts Recovery


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