SPOTLIGHT 2016 - Presentations


Thank you to everyone that attended our inaugual technology focus event - SPOTLIGHT 2016. We are delighted that the event was a success and that everyone enjoyed it. Below is a copy of the presentations which you are able to download with our compliments. 


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Don’t Be Duped by Deduplication

The idea of data deduplication is commonly tossed around in today’s IT world, especially within data protection communities like those found in Spiceworks etc. But while the concept might be simple, how it gets executed varies greatly and how deduplication is implemented can have a serious impact on production processes and cost. Ever hear the saying, “good things come in small packages”? Shrinking your storage footprint exponentially or not so much depends on the decisions you make.

We will be showing real life customer examples on how one customer was able to achieve 93% data reduction across 125 protected servers using Arcserve Unified Data Protection. Find out about the challenges and benefits you may come across when applying deduplication to your backup a session that cannot be missed!

Stephen Robinson, Director UK South, Arcserve

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Securing the Digital Transformation: Avoiding Failure

Digital Transformations of the World and businesses within it have huge implications on the protection of Infrastructures. The location of users, data, and applications no longer matters. Everyone and Everything will be everywhere, and permanently moving.

In this presentation you will learn how simple it can be to turn weaknesses into strengths; methods to secure the cloud; the importance of securing the “Internet of Things”; the Digitial Transformation of Crime; and how to effectively secure against advanced threats.

Steve Vickers, Enterprise Sales Engineer, Barracuda

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Essential Fundamentals for Increasing Agility in the Cloud

Although the growth of the cloud can be credited with driving down the cost of hardware and storage, it can also be blamed for increasing the complexity around backup, recovery and DR. During this session we’ll look at how Commvault can aid in managing, controlling and also recovering data quickly regardless of platform or location, while leveraging the economic benefits the cloud has to offer.

Marc Lucas, Channel System Engineer, Commvault

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Heterogeneous Storage Management

  • What are the challenges of heterogeneous storage systems?
  • Get to know the prerequisites for enterprise and decision makers when it comes to cost effective Software-Defined Storage Solutions
  • How to effectively manage the transition from legacy to modern platforms, on-site, or in the cloud
  • Eliminate point solution and vendor specific tool silos and give users the ability to deploy consistent services in a more cost-optimized and operationally efficient manner
  • Discover how FreeStor helps Enterprises, CSPs and MSPs manage the challenge of today’s complex Data Center environment

Tony Martin, Managing Director of UK and Ireland, FalconStor

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Small Solutions with Big Benefits

Fujitsu is at the fore front of the market deploying innovative data centre solutions utilising integrated technologies and software defined storage - Join our breakout session to get insights to the experience of one of Fujitsu partners who uses and resells Fujitsu’s integrated systems for virtualization and improved availability. Learn how reduced complexity, time and risk, enhanced with increased operational efficiency help end customers to overcome todays data centre challenges. Moreover you will also get the latest and greatest information on the Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX portfolio of VMware VSAN, PRIMEFLEX vShape and PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-box. Both ideally suited as complete solutions for small and medium sized customers as well as large enterprises.

Matt Shore, Eternus Product Offering Manager, Fujitsu & Daniel Peters, Enterprise Product Marketing Manager, Fujitsu

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Smart, Connected Fast – Storage 2016-2017

2015 gave us advances in the use of cost-effective flash storage and strides in the development of cloud. But, what if you could enjoy the best of both worlds? 2016-2017 will deliver disruptive solutions that will give you the performance of flash, the economy of on-premises capacity storage, and the effortless connectivity of the mobile cloud.

In his talk, Smart, Connected Fast – Storage 2016-2017, Alan Beagley, Regional Sales Manager, will show you what the new generation of storage can do for sync, share, mobility, and data protection.

Alan Beagley, Regional Sales Manager, Nexsan

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The Impact and Advantage of Cloud Based Analytics in the Datacentre

Richard will explain not only how Nimble Storage manage to maintain a 99.9997% uptime without us leaving the office but also how Nimble Storage have expanded our features to monitor way more that just a physical box of disks! Using real customer experiences and examples Richard will guide you through the reasons why many of our customers recommend our products to others based on the support services alone.

Rich Fenton, UK & Ireland Systems Engineering Manager, Nimble Storage

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Nutanix: Re-Platforming the Datacenter

Nutanix delivers a platform that natively converges compute, virtualization and storage into a resilient, software-defined solution with rich machine intelligence. The world’s most advanced enterprise datacenters rely on Nutanix technology to power their mission-critical workloads at any scale.  The Nutanix enterprise cloud platform is uniquely built using web-scale engineering and consumer-grade design to deliver agility, resilience, fractional consumption, and invisible operations.

David Duerden, Channel Manager UK, Nutanix

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Why All Flash Storage and the Impact this is Having on Businesses

Pure Storage enables the transformation of your business today and pave the road to the future, allowing businesses to tackle the most demanding of IT problems, achieving business results that were previously unimaginable.

Pure will dramatically reduce your storage complexity while gaining performance, resiliency and efficiency. Lowering storage costs by up to 50% and management costs by up to 90% along with shrinking your storage footprint by 5-10x.

Just imagine - What if your storage was always new? What if it provided performance and value for ten years or more, without a repurchase every three years, and what if that performance came with no downtime, no migrations and no forklift upgrades. Learn more about Evergreen Storage.

James Mulvenna, Regional Sales Manager, Pure Storage

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Tame Tomorrow’s Data Growth with Today’s Budget

• Understanding the Data Tsunami
• Content Monetization
• Intelligent Archiving
• A Fresh Approach to Unstructured Data Backup

Christo Conidaris, UK Area Director, Quantum

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Redefining Data Protection for the Modern Datacentre

Learn how Rubrik eliminates the complexity of legacy enterprise data protection platform, by collapsing backup software, catalogue management, replication, and deduplicated storage into a single appliance that scales linearly. Rubrik enables organisations to move from a prescriptive, imperative workflow for your data protection to a Declarative, business relative process.

Throughout this presentation we will describe how Rubrik’s distributed architecture means deduplication and other data services scale in-line with the cluster to maximize efficiency and savings whilst delivering recovery times in seconds without rehydration to primary systems, creating a discreet and performant data protection environment that is not dependant on your primary infrastructure.

Digital transformation and cloud adoption are frequently discussed, find out how Rubrik can help accelerate this adoption with secure public and private long term retention of your data.

Byron Berrisford, Systems Engineer, Rubrik

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Recover from Ransomware in Minutes

Learn about how to protect your business from one of its biggest threats. Includes Best Practice guidelines for preventing infection in the first place, followed by details of how Zerto can be used to re-wind and recover as if the infection never happened.

  • Ransomware Overview
  • Best Practices for Preventing Infection
  • Recovering from Ransomware in Minutes with Zerto
  • Real-World Customer Story

Lee Clark, Channel-Cloud Account Manager - UK, Zerto

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